Awesome Basement Finishing Man Caves In Long Island

Want extra living space in your home? Chances are, you’ve probably considered basement finishing in Long Island or basement remodeling for your Long Island home. Now, you’ve gotta choose your man cave design. Sophisticated? Sleek? Comfy? That’s up to you, and we’re gonna pump the gas a little with some epic man cave ideas for your new basement turned man cave.

Basement Finishing on Long Island

Basement Finishing on Long Island

Man Cave Designs for your Basement

Check out these basement designs. Man cave design elements boil down to:

  • Unique and comfortable furnishings
  • Living utilities such as sinks, refrigerators, microwaves, or ovens
  • Conversation starting decor (because showing off is half of the appeal, of course)
  • Material choice, such as unique stone, wood, and metals


Add a theme to tie these elements together and make your new space unique.


Sports Place Man Cave

Take a sports room, and turn that up to 11. Distinguishing features of this design are:

  • Mounted or panel T.V. displays
  • Framed paraphernalia
  • Bar area and stools with another display, never to miss the action while getting refreshments

Mediterranean Getaway Man Cave

Hard work requires pulling out all the stops when it comes to relaxing at the end of the day. Here are the distinguishing features:

  • Tropical plants and wood finish, to make you feel like you’re on vacation
  • Bar section, with a flat stone brick wall
  • Mimic windows, with built in lights source and coastal scenery, to sell the coastal vibe, and provide natural motivated light sources to your basement man cave


Side note: when deciding your design for basement finishing in Long Island or basement remodeling in Long Island, the lighting you choose is crucial.


Sophisticated Man Cave

Looking for something masculine but sophisticated? Here’s the way:

  • Victorian furnishings
  • Torch or candle wall sconces, giving the impression of a gentleman’s study
  • Wooden and glass liquor cabinet and bar area
  • Fireplace (non negotiable!) and wrought iron fireplace poker set


Musician’s Man Cave

Getting lost in a favorite record, or invite your buddies over to jam? Crucial parts of this man cave:

  • Stylish acoustic wooden paneling
  • Framed records, and classic record sleeves
  • Cut out wall section with hangers to display instruments
  • Leather couch section with vintage listening setup, complete with turntable, large floor speakers, and record shelves


At this point you must be hatching up your own basement remodeling in Long Island or basement finishing in Long Island designs. Just remember: Stick to your theme, but really put your own spin on it, because imagination is the limit when it comes to a man cave!