HVAC Service on Long Island Needed for Brutal Winters!

You’ll need a HVAC service on Long Island during this brutal winter! January and February is pretty rough on the island, especially in Eastern Suffolk County.

hvac service on long island

Winter is the worst time, especially a cold one to find out that you will need a HVAC service on Long Island. Don’t need one if your entire heating system goes out. That will not be a fun day!

There was a story on news 12 Long Island about a condominium complex that lost its heat. Actually it was only one building that lost as heat. If I heard correctly, I think it affected about a dozen families. That is pretty bad PR for the condo complex which will remain nameless to protect the innocent! :-)

So the story, as I heard it, was that the boiler started to leak. I personally don’t think that’s the entire story. If proper maintenance had been done by the HVAC service on Long Island, this problem would’ve been detected much earlier.

Probably the condo board or the management company, whoever is running the chicken outfit, was too cheap to have the proper maintenance done in the first place. Alas we will never know the true story. Maybe someday this scandal will end up on TMZ!

So the story goes that the residents were offered to stay at the holiday EN. I think the cost was $75 a night and that the condominium board would cover the cost. Now that may work if you’re one person or a couple, But if you are a family of three or more and if you have a pet, dang! That would get pretty tight and annoying real soon!

That is why it’s important to have a really good maintenance program from an HVAC service on Long Island. And don’t cheap out on it either! Do you want someone who knows what they are doing? You could take a risk with your fly by night repair service and freeze your bunions off or you could do the smart thing.

One thing to remember, before you sign any maintenance agreement, carefully examine all of the small print. No what’s included and what’s not included. Make sure the agreement is very specific. They really should not be any what if’s or any ambiguities and the agreement.

So have a warm and safe winter. May your boiler or furnace work without a skip and you have plenty of hot water. May the gas be with you!!