Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta GA the 3-D Way

Having a 3D Floor in your space is becoming a more and more popular trend that is seen in places like malls, big offices, houses, and apartment complexes because epoxy flooring in Atlanta are increasingly creative and incredibly durable. They also look incredibly fancy and high-class so they can be used in pretty much any building that needs a type of flooring that goes to the next level. In order to install an epoxy flooring Atlanta 3D floors, you must first lay down a layer of primer that levels out the floor on its own, and then you lay down the image that you desire on top of it. Once your desired image is laid down you then treat it with a transparent epoxy that is made of two components to give depth to the image and giving it a 3D look to it. Finally, the last step of the process will be to put a protective varnish on top of the epoxy to make it look shiny and give it extra protection so that it is highly durable for many years. Below are some things you need to know about epoxy flooring Atlanta to help you decide if it is right for you!


The good and bad:


  • The biggest advantage of having epoxy 3D floors is that they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. They give any room an interesting aesthetic


  • These floors are pretty much impervious and can sustain things like acid, chlorine, bleaches, and harsh daily cleaners so they are as good for industrial floors ass they are for homes


  • they are incredibly easy to maintain and are dust, dirt, and water resistant


  • Since they do not collect dust and dirt, bacteria and pathogens cannot survive there so they are hygiene friendly


  • These floors are pretty hard to install and it takes 3-5 days to cure fully


  • Since the floors are increasingly popular, the materials are costly, and the professionals to lay them down are expensive, they do come with a high price tag


  • There is no warmth to these floors so it will be cold to the touch wherever you install them



Install it yourself:

If you are handy around the house and are trying to cut some costs, you can follow the steps below and install them yourself for a floor that costs $10-$12 per square foot.


  • test the slab for moisture and get rid of any that is found


  • prepare the surface by grinding it down until it is perfectly smooth


  • scrub and vacuum until the surface is completely clean- then clean it as you lay the floor down as well


  • make sure the humidity in your work space is not above 4%


  • apply the leveling primer


  • install the 3D mural


  • put 2 layers of clear epoxy or polyurethane on top


  • apply a top coat of protective sealer if you deem it necessary